IoT Solutions

OneNET focus on the industry demand, to enabling industry intelligence

智慧城市 Smart City

기존 주차 시나리오 적용에 대해 스마트 주차 비즈니스 관리 플랫폼, 통합 지불 플랫폼, 빅데이터 분석 플랫폼을 활용하여 사물인터넷 기술의 장점을 결합한 스마트 주차 해결방안을 선보입니다.

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OneNET capabilities, for your IoT app development

OneNET open 300+ industry capability API, make cloud application easier

  • NB-IoT kit

  • MQTT IoT kit

  • Message queue MQ

  • Device management DMP

  • Video capability VIDEO

NB-IoT kit

Low power consumption, wide coverage, low cost, SDK is pre-integrated into chip modules, support massive NB devices to rapidly access to cloud.

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MQTT IoT kit

Lightweight, high concurrency, support massive MQTT devices to rapidly access to cloud platforms

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Message queue MQ

Low latency, high concurrency and high availability message middleware, to ensure instant and reliable interaction between application platform and OneNET data

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Device management DMP

Provide one-stop device management services such as device status, SIM card information, remote upgrade, to help you improve the efficiency of device operation and maintenance

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Video capability VIDEO

Provide video core capabilities such as live video/video on-demand and cloud storage, to reduce video application development cost, shorten development cycle

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  • Artificial intelligence AI

  • Location capability LBS

  • Data visualization VIEW

  • ADE

  • 중이화물

Artificial intelligence AI

Provide machine vision, intelligent voice, virtual reality and other AI capabilities, to enable emerging applications in various industries, and help you to enter a new era of AIoT

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Location capability LBS

Provide you with application services, including intelligent hardware positioning, trajectory and fast map display

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Data visualization VIEW

Enterprise visual development tool, to help you drag IoT large screen applications in 10 minutes

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Provide you with cloud-based online application building capabilities, realize one-stop operations for application development, integration, testing and deployment, open industry templates, and improve the efficiency of IoT application development

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Provide you with “Module + Cloud +APP” one-stop intelligent solutions, to open up the life in smart home

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