Smart Street Light Solution

With NB-IoT technology, IoT and cloud computing technology and mobile phone APP, realize remote centralized control and management on street light, improve public lighting management level, save power resources, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and increase additional revenue.

Solution Summary

According to statistics, current electricity consumption of street lighting in China accounts for about 35% of all lighting power consumption, accounting for 13% of the total electricity consumption of the whole society, ranking first in lighting consumption in various fields. In the face of huge energy consumption, traditional sodium lamps can not meet the requirements of “green, energy-saving and emission reduction” advocated by the state. Even the application of LED energy-saving lamps can only meet temporary energy-saving goal, and fail to realize “smart energy saving”. How to achieve better energy saving, secondary energy saving, implement more efficient, safer and more smart management of street lamps has become a difficult problem for management departments.

With the Smart Street Light Solution and NB-IoT technology, IoT and cloud computing technology, realizes remote centralized control and management on street light, have functions such as automatic brightness adjustment, fault active alarm, lamp cable anti-theft, visual remote control etc., which can help street light management departments significantly improve the level of public lighting management, save power resources, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and increase additional revenue.

Scheme Design

NB-IoT Communication

  • The telecommunication network is centrally covered and planned by the operator, who is responsible for maintenance and security, featuring less signal interference.
  • No gateway or concentrator is required, reduce construction costs and fault points.
  • Simple network, flatter network, lower latency, easier network deployment, easier network maintenance
  • Street Light Controller
  • Management Platform
  • Mobile APP

Smart Street Light Management Cloud Platform

Street light controller is basic component of smart street light system, which can receive control signal of the street light management platform, execute the open, close and dimming commands, and monitor the working status of street lights, report street lights’ current, voltage, power, fault information and status information etc..

Street Light Controller Parameters

Product size
140mm(L) x 56(W) x 40mm(H)
Protection Level
voltage range
86-305VAC Adaptive
Surge immunity
≥4 KV
Frequency range
Working humidity
20 to 90% RH
Current range
Working temperature
Standby power
DALI dimming range
0.2V – 11.8V
Communication method
PWM dimming range
Voltage detection accuracy
0-10V dimming range
current detection accuracy
Active Power Detection Accuracy
  • Smart Street Light Management Cloud Platform

    Completely change the traditional on-site inspection mode, build a smart street lamp monitoring center, set up a 3*3 high-definition seamless splicing wall, and track and analyze the operation of the centralized control box and single lamp in the city through the smart street lamp monitoring system, and display the operation and fault problem in full screen in a real time manner, remotely control inspection personnel to deal with the fault in time and comprehensively improve the street lamp management efficiency and operation effect.

  • Mobile phone app provides rich and complete control options

    App can manually remote control single light or light set
    Lighting plan for each day of the project can be remotely set/change by date
    View the fault reported by device in a real time manner
    Can browse device status in a real time manner

Customer Case

Smart Transformation of Gansu LongNan Street Light

Two hundred and seven street light terminals are installed from Binjiang Road in Yangtze River Avenue to the olive garden, Dongjiang District, LongNan City, which have completed the commissioning. What’s more, the light-sensing device has been installed and commissioned based on specified collection location; the existing commissioning meets the operating conditions of street light. In the later period, there were more than 4,000 street lights in LongNan City for renovation. Through reasonable switch light management, it is beneficial to ensure the normal lighting of the city, reduce the switching frequency, effectively extend the service life of the lights and reduce operating costs.

Smart Extension

Integrative Smart Light Pole

With municipal street lights as basic node, and existing power supply lines and vascular distribution, integrate and make full use of security monitoring, environment monitoring, information release, urban hotspots, traffic monitoring and other sensing devices, create smart city IoT nodes.

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