Smart Restaurant Solution

Smart Restaurant Solution, an electronic ordering system that combines traditional recipes with wireless information ordering, provides end-to-end professional scene services for catering trade.

Solution Summary

Smart ticket machine access cloud platform through cellular network, to realize data upload and control information issue; OneNET platform implements access management, real-time status query, remote control etc. of device; carries server program, interacts OneNET data, responds to client requests in a real time manner; APP or WeChat implements store demonstration, ordermanagement, order management, which PC terminal can view real-time status of devices and set related parameters.

  • Scanning Code for Order

    Directly order by scanning the QR code on your mobile phone, which is convenient and fast

  • Online Payment

    Implement online direct payment, free of cash transactions and change, improve efficiency

  • Merchant Management

    provides menus, orders, operations management, and other functions.

  • Smart Cloud Ticket Machine

    Smart Cloud Ticket Machine, Smart Networking

Scheme Design

  • WeChat APP
  • Merchant APP
  • Merchant Management Cloud Platform
  • Smart Cloud Ticket Machine

Use WeChat Public Account Service Mode, Enable Users to Order Food Online:

User scans code via WeChat, order directly and make online payment;
Support viewing rooms and table position, etc.;
Support for user order viewing and order evaluation.

  • Book in advance

  • Quick order

  • Discount Information

  • Menu Management

    Support merchants to modify and set dishes
    Support for dish sorting management

  • Order Management

    Support merchants to count and view orders
    Support for viewing of order reviews

  • Offer Promotion

    Support for offer settings

  • Business Analysis

    Supports statistics and analysis on data such as order data, transaction data, withdrawal data and sales rankings, etc.

  • Payment Management

    The system supports WeChat, Alipay and And-Pay of China Mobile

  • Takeaway Management

    The system docking mainstream takeaway platform, supports user takeaway platform account binding

  • Information Management

    Support merchant information query
    Support viewing merchant order details

  • Merchant Data Maintenance

    Support merchant information query
    Support viewing merchant order details

  • Device Management

    Support for device add/deletion/modification
    Support device information query
    Support online viewe of device working status

Smart Cloud Ticket Machine

OneNET-based cloud ticket printer has launched a variety of models, which are suitable for various scenarios, supports multiple networking modes, features short boot time, stable network, timely printing, high accuracy, effectively reducing labor transit costs and turnover rates.

Product Value

Consumer Value

  • No Queue While Ordering

    Consumers can order food at their own convenience, featuring convenient and efficient. Learn about the latest food information

  • Call Freely

    No need to call waiter loudly, consumers can call service “elegantly”, “quietly”, “quickly” through the system

Merchant Value

  • Save Personnel Costs

    Simplify work content, can help merchants reduce staffing

  • Reduce Un-Completion Rate

    Consumer’s self-help ordering can effectively prevent the waiter from mistaking

  • Add Extra Revenue

    The platform provides free promotions for merchants to convert intended customers and increase awareness

Product Application

  • Entry Application

    Merchant apply for entry

  • Data Collection

    Collection of hotel basic information, business license and catering documents

  • Service Agreement Signature

    Sign service agreement after the data review completes

  • Related Material Make

    Help merchants to make table cards, shop card, Electronic menu and other Source material

  • Field Deployment

    Provides small ticket printer installation, system training, material paste and other services

  • Operation Services

    Helps merchants with online operation, card voucher marketing, VIP management, etc.

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