Smart PV Solution

With the most advanced automatic control, network communication and software technology, to obtain PV terminal data in a real-time manner, realize information monitoring, smart remote management, energy consumption trend assessment on photovoltaic device, and rational management and optimization of energy resources.

Solution Summary

The government supervision department lacks centralized management means and channels for current photovoltaic energy projects, lacks information technology and data visualization control platform, and has low monitoring efficiency for energy enterprises, and lacks data support for resource allocation, which leads to huge waste of energy resources. Energy production enterprises and energy service organizations face difficulties in locating energy device fault, and maintenance manpower cost is high. Device operation monitoring is insufficient, thus cause safety risk problem.

Photovoltaic monitoring solution combines the most advanced automatic control, network communication and software technology. By grasping the operation status of massive energy terminal, to obtain status, location, scope, capacity and other data in a real time manner. By model analysis on these data, it can remotely monitor and implement alarm management on photovoltaic terminal device; realize information monitoring, smart remote management on photovoltaic devices. Through the mining and analysis on energy consumption data, make energy consumption trend assessment, to achieve rational management and optimal allocation of energy resources.

Scheme Design

  • Hardware Terminal
  • Smart Photovoltaic Management Platform

Data Collector

It can collect operation data of devices which equipped with RS232/RS485 interface and compatible with Modbus-RTU standard communication protocol (eg PV inverters, transformers, weather stations, energy meters etc.).

Protection Level
Working power
Installation method
Wall mount
Data collection cycle
5~10 minutes
Working temperature
Serial Port parameter
Supported communication protocal
Modbus-RTU Standard protocal
Communication Interface
RS232/RS485 interface
Working voltage
AC220V 50HZ / DC5V~24V Optional
Adaptive communication interface
Standard terminals such as DB9 interface, plug-in terminal and aviation plug

Smart Photovoltaic Management Platform

Based on OneNET platform, Smart PV management platform provides reporting, storage and retrieval of underlying collected data, as well as device status monitoring and terminal control and management. Based on this, GIS functions and graphical interface display tools are introduced to realize comprehensive management, monitoring, control and data science analysis of photovoltaic smart terminals.

Typical Scenario

  • Serving the Poverty Alleviation Photovoltaic Power Station

    For poverty alleviation station, the plug-and-play external 2G wireless communication module and monitored device are used for one-to-one quick connection and data acquisition.

  • Serving Equipment Vendors

    Inverter manufacturers can install built-in 2G wireless communication board in a PV inverter. PV inverter manufacturers and users can get operation status information of PV inverter in a real time manner through OneNET-based smart PV monitoring system.

  • Serving Photovoltaic Solutions

    OneNET-based smart PV monitoring system provides low-cost operation and maintenance monitoring solutions for PV household system users or operators.

  • Serving Roof PV Power Plants of Industry and Commerce

    Provides data support for operation team of this type power station, data guidance for operation and maintenance team. it can provide this type power stations with data services for tqcm work, financing and asset securitization.

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