Smart Parking Solution

Aims at traditional parking application scenario, make use of smart parking service management platform, unified payment platform, big data analysis platform, combined with IoT technology advantages, launch smart parking solutions.

Solution Summary

The car ownership in China continues to grow rapidly. By the end of 2017, the national car ownership has exceeded 200 million vehicles at an annual growth rate of 10%; however, the construction of intelligent parking and other facilities lags far behind. It is estimated that the gap of parking spaces in China has reached 100 million at present, and the shortage of public parking spaces and the inconvenience caused by backward information construction of parking system have become social problems.

With Advanced Information Technology, Smart Parking Solution realizes timely and accurate parking space release, vehicle owners quickcly find free parking spaces, accuratly parking, simple and efficient management to assist government to accurately charge parking spaces, implement smart management, simplify operation and save overall cost. Meanwhile, it to improve satisfaction of vehicle owners, ease parking pressure in cities, and enhance smart city construction.

Scheme Design

  • Geomagnetic Monitoring Parking Management
  • Ramp Control Parking Management
  • Smart Parking Management Platform

With geomagnetic parking induction terminal, when there is vehicle park at the parking spaces, will cause the change of magnetic field around geomagnetic field, Geomagnetism will detect presence of car. use NB-IoT technology to upload parking status information to smart parking management cloud platform through base station, and notify the handheld PDA of administrator.

Geomagnetic monitoring parking system is mainly suitable for urban roadside parking and parking lots that need to implement fine monitoring of each parking space, such as large parking lots where reverse parking function is required in commercial complexes, public places, transportation hubs and other places.

With the entrance and exit license plate identification gate machine, it can automatically recognize the license plate number and record the parking time when the vehicle enters the gate. The 4G wireless communication technology is used to accurately transmit the parking lot status, vehicle license plate number and other information to smart parking management cloud platform through base station. When the vehicle leaves the parking lot, the gate machine automatically determines vehicle payment status and automatically releases it.

The ramp control parking system is mainly suitable for scenarios where the parking lot can be managed only by on-ramp access, such as parking lots in community, government institutions and public places etc.

  • Smart Parking Management Cloud Platform

    Smart Parking Management Cloud Platform, realizes dynamic supervise on real-time parking spaces and parking lot data, visual supervise on various businesses, big data analysis, information release and emergency command.

  • Mobile APP

    on trip,citizens can use the mobile app to reserve parking space, query and induction, choose the right route, arrives and park at the parking place. Meanwhile, the quick payment and other functions.

Solution Value

  • Optimize Parking Resources

    By big data analysis, rationally allocate existing parking resources, effectively alleviate parking conflicts and maximize the utilization of urban parking resources.

  • Combating Traffic Violations

    Combined with “Static Traffic” + “Dynamic Traffic” supervision, it can accurately combat illegal activities such as hit-and-run, vehicle robbery, vehicle theft and faking license plates.

  • Reduce Hidden Danger of Driving

    Eliminate violation phenomenon of Unorderly parking on roads, occupying parking lanes, etc., makes parking standard and orderly, reduces the probability of road traffic accidents and hidden danger of driving.

  • Improve Road Traffic Efficiency

    With economic leverage, regulate parking order in the road, meet short-term parking demand, guide long-term parking vehicles into parking lot, and reduce road traffic.

  • Reduce Parking Lot Operation Cost

    Reduce full-time staff and on-street toll officials in parking lot to reduce parking lots operation cost.

  • Prevent Parking Fees Loss

    Online payment, online recharge and perfect supervision system, effectively prevent the loss of parking fees caused by manual charges.

  • Parking lot Operation Decision-making

    Collect parking information in Multi-dimension, big data mining, to form analysis reports, provide data support for parking operation decision-making.

  • Improve Berth Turnover Rate

    Real-time release of parking space information, “parking Navigation + Parking Guidance” guides car owners to quickly arrive at the parking to improve the berth turnover rate, and increase the revenue of operating enterprises.

Typical Scenario

  • Commercial Complex
  • Large Community
  • Public Place
  • Transportation Hub
  • Government institutions

Commercial Complex

Parking spaces of commercial areas, office buildings, hotels and supermarkets

Demand Characteristics:

This type parking lot is mostly underground parking lot, the change of traffic flow is obvious. there will be traffic flow peak at certain times (such as commuting hours and weekends, etc.). Due to this type parking lots' commercial nature, it also has special requirements that reduce the parking fees at promoting day or on shopping.


  • License plate recognition, No card parking
  • Multiple payment methods for option: Online Payment, payment in sentry box etc.
  • Parking Monitoring, Real-Time Communication
  • Docking merchant's self-owned membership system, support merchant's activities.
  • provide Reservation for parking and reverse search function, to enhance user experience
  • With enriched report system, provides user analysis, recharge analysis, consumption analysis, yard analysis, traffic analysis

Large Community

Residential building, plot, villa

Demand Characteristics:

Parking lots in communities are generally divided into underground parking lots and open-air parking lots. The users are mostly households and are relatively fixed. Community parking issues are quite different from other parking lots.


  • License plate recognition, No card parking
  • Real-time parking monitoring, safe and reliable
  • Equipped with Sentry box application system, which used for daily affairs management, streamlining workflow.
  • Provides month card system, compatible with manual charging mode, to meet the needs of community users
  • App provides lock service, the vehicle can't leave the community without the owner's permission, safe and anti-theft.

Public Place

Parks, playgrounds, venues and various parks, etc.

Demand Characteristics:

In this type parking lots, traffic is closely related to seasons, holidays and time slots, and traffic will exploded increase during the peak period. This type parking lots are mostly open-air parking lot, featuring scattered, with numerous entrances, entrances are extremely congested during rush hours.


  • License plate recognition, No card parking
  • Multiple payment methods for option: Online Payment, payment in sentry box etc.
  • Real-time parking data monitoring, safe and reliable
  • Docking smart city cloud platform, achieve multi-are parking information sharing
  • Background Smart Operation Management
  • provide Reservation for parking and reverse search function, to enhance user experience

Public Transportation Hub

Parking lot in bus station, high-speed rail stations and airports etc.

Demand Characteristics:

This type parking lot features large area, numerous parking spaces, huge traffic flow and high turnover rate, for owner, parking and vehicle search in the type car parking are torment. This type parking urgently need a professional solution, which can be combined with dynamic traffic, to achieve seamless travel and solve the problem of parking induction, diversion and vehicle search.


  • License plate recognition, No card parking
  • Multiple payment methods for option: Online Payment, payment in sentry box etc.
  • Parking Monitoring, Real-Time Communication
  • Background Smart Operation Management
  • provide Reservation for parking and reverse search function, to enhance user experience
  • The parking solution is equipped with auxiliary PDA terminal, so that can continue to work in power outages or special situations, ensure orderly operation of parking lot

Government institutions

Hospital, school, government, government unit

Demand Characteristics:

It is a special type of parking lot. Most of this type parking lots have fixed parking spaces for internal use. As these organizations often have inspection and visit requirements, the parking system is required to provide functions of special license plates and temporary free parking.


  • License plate recognition, No card parking
  • Smart hardware, safe and reliable, environmental and beautiful
  • When the unit visited or inspected, enter part of vehicles into system, and exempt them from parking fees and set automatic release.
  • The license plate recognition system recognizes special license plates (military, police license plates etc.), exempts parking fees, and automatic releases

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