Sharing Economy Solution

Use IoT technology to enable the unified operation and precise control of shared terminals, and to build visual management system to achieve revenue and operation statistics and analysis and multi-scenario applications.

Solution Summary

Shared economy originates from Internet platform, based on precise match and linkage of idle resource usage rights, socialize production factors, improve use efficiency of stock assets, and enhance the sustainable development of society as a whole; shared economy business model has been fully penetrated into all industries. Nowadays, with the rapid development of mobile payment, the mobile payment platform dominated by Alipay and WeChat is becoming more and more convenient. If the mobile scan code payment and the doll machine terminal are combined to realize terminal automation, to solve trouble of cash payment, diversifying and facilitating the application scenarios.

Scheme Design

The whole project construction consists of three major system modules - multiple terminal devices, one cloud platform and one application management platform

  • Integrative Smart Control Terminal

    Smart terminals connect to cloud platform through embedded wireless modules in method of local networking or single-access.

  • Unified IoT Cloud Platform

    With OneNET, to uniformly complete all smart terminal management such as access management, Online monitoring, scanning code usage etc..

  • Smart Background Management System

    Management and monitoring on terminals; application functions such as merchants, users, scaning code payment orders and revenue management

Typical Scenario

  • Stand-Alone Application Scenario

    RGA terminal is directly connected to existing traditional vending machine through external connection, and keep connection to OneNET through GPRS Internet access function.

  • Remote Power-off Application Scenario

    Remote power-off requires RGC and RGB to be used together, and the 2.4G band is used for connection. RGB transmits OneNET commands to RGC and controls the start and stop of traditional vending machines.

  • Local Network Application Scenario

    RGA/RGC/RGD network operation can save costs, RGC is responsible for starting and stopping the device, RGA is responsible for local control, while RGA is responsible for maintaining connection with RGD.

Customer Case

Shared Massage Armhair

Shared massage armchairs with scan code payment module and QR code are widely placed in the cinemas, ktv, Internet cafes, gyms, hairdressers, airports, stations, restaurants and other public placess, as well as major companies’ rest area, become a new business model

Self-Service Scanning Code Vending Machine

Self-service scanning code vending machine combines convenient consumer demand, more popular with young peoplee in offline consumption. Users just need to open mobile phone Alipay or WeChat to scan when shopping, which is simple and convenient. Compared with traditional vending machines, it is obviously more flexible and time-saving in payment, loved by young consumers.

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