Smart Manhole Cover Solution

Based on IOT advantages technologies such as sensors, GIS, computer networks and wireless communications, the Company launched smart manhole cover solutions to solve problems such as backward management and control methods, high operation and maintenance costs and high security risks etc.

Solution Summary

At present, there are more than 5 billion manhole covers in the country, and there will be more than 15 million manhole cover to be added or replaced each year in the country. The Safety risk traffic vehicle and pedestrian result in the damage and loss of manhole cover facilities, Major safety accidents risk of Explosion may result in the leakage of the gas pipeline, the guilt of the city due to heavy rain, drivers safety risk etc. All above problems already become Urban ills which active demand the effective governance and solutions.

Smart manhole cover solution relies on existing communication, electronic and Internet information technology to build manhole cover smart management system, “upgrade” ordinary manhole cover into an smart manhole cover with “Internet of Things” management system, and can access to urban information and big data platform, can realize long-term effective management of numerous manhole covers.

Scheme Design

  • Smart Manhole Cover Monitor
  • Smart Manhole Cover Management Platform

Monitor the displacement and tilt of the manhole cover in a real-time manner, and report to the monitoring platform once the abnormally opened manhole cover is found, and the relevant personnel are notified to deal with it immediately.

The devices are fixed to the inside of smart manhole cover with screws, easy to install, adapt to the smart transformation of most of the manhole cover of the road surface, and support the access of all manhole cover monitoring platforms or digital urban management platforms on the market.
Monitoring method
Through monitoring the flip angle and trajectory analysis of the manhole cover, it can determine whether the manhole cover is abnormally open, the alarm information will be sent to the background immediately once the abnormality is found.
Misinformation rate
Advanced trajectory analysis algorithm (invention patent) ensures accurate judgment of the statues of the manhole cover. When they are crushed and moved by large vehicle, they are will not be falsely alarmed. The overall false positive rate is less than two thousandths.
Service life
With low power design, under normal working conditions, Timely sending status information to the background (residual voltage, device number, signal strength, etc.). Without Battery replacement, It can work for more than 3 years and send 1200 times.
Control mode
Supports BLE Bluetooth communication, can use mobile APP to sets Fortification and Prevention and parameter.
Function extension
Extensible function such as temperature detection, underground overflow alarm.
Protection Level
IP68, appearance seal design, featuring corrosion resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance, shock resistance.
Communication method
Working temperature
-20℃ —— 60℃.
  • Smart Operation and Maintenance Management System of Manhole Cover

    • Operation and Maintenance Management of Manhole Cover

      System login, manhole cover operation and maintenance, management; unit, department, personnel management

    • manhole cover positioning

      Realizes position GIS map Display , manhole cover query, asset management, report form management of manhole cover within the jurisdiction.

    • Task assignment

      Implement the agent task assignment method, Dispatch workers in time while abnormal situation of manhole cover, and report the completion of maintenance.

    • Status information

      Monitor manhole cover real-time status, check alarm information, and start processing mechanism timely upon the finding of abnormality

  • Smart Manhole Cover Mobile App

    With Mobile APP, users can operate registration and cancellation of Manhole Cover Monitor, manhole cover status query and alarm information reception, sign-in of inspector, graphic and textures report of abnormal situation etc.. APP supports Android mobile phones, version requires 4.3 or later version, and mobile phone shall support Bluetooth 4.0.

    • Manhole cover registration/cancellation

    • Manhole Cover Information Check

    • inspection/graphic and text upload

Customer Case

Jiangsu Urban Drainage Management Solution

The number of manhole covers in customer jurisdiction is huge, the specifications, uses, and parameters are diverse. Traditional manual management is difficult to implement refinement. rely on distribution and navigation function of electronic map of smart manhole cover, and remote control, management, maintenance functions, it can reduce a lot of manpower and material resources, significantly improve the work efficiency, Highly recognized by customers.

Chongqing Urban Smart Water Plan

The scheme supervise and finely manages drainage facilities and manhole covers in the jurisdiction. The total project involves more than 1,800 manhole covers, and the first phase of the project has completed more than 700 manhole covers deployment.

With the deployment of smart manhole cover management system, administrator can manage installation, open and close, and state of manhole cover in the jurisdiction through mobile APP and management platform. In case of abnormal conditions, the maintenance personnel should be notified in time to ensure the normal drainage and protect the public safety.

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