Dust Monitoring Solution

By IoT technology, collect dust data to cloud platform, enable the administrator to realize real-time data management, so that the competent departments of dust pollution sources can truly implement the joint prevention and control of urban dust pollution sources.

Solution Summary

Dust is one of the main factors of current air pollution, urban dust is mainly from construction sites, urban roads and construction transport trucks. The contribution of dust to PM2.5 is 30%. The prevention and control of air pollution relies on control of source. However, there is currently no real-time monitoring technology for urban dust pollution sources.

We deploy dust collection instruments in major dust pollution sources such as construction sites, demolition sites, urban roads, slag trucks, slag yards, open storage warehouses, river sand docks etc., collect data to cloud platform through IoT technology, and provide administrator with real-time management data. On the basis of establishing the “Evaluation Standards for Urban Dust Emissions”, the system software is designed to integrate competent departments of dust pollution sources, such as urban-rural construction commission, environmental protection bureaus and municipal law enforcement bureaus into a unified platform, thus implementing the joint prevention and control of urban dust pollution sources.

Scheme Design

  • Monitoring Device
  • Dust Monitoring and Management Platform

Device mainly are integrative smart dust monitoring device deployed at pollution source site. The main collected data are the detection and monitoring data.

  • Monitoring Data

    Particle concentration PM10/PM2.5/TSP (total particulate matter), noise, temperature, humidity, wind speed and wind direction.

  • Monitoring Data

    HD images or videos

  • Basic application platform adopts B/S architecture, provides a WEB-based management system, On-line display particle concentration, video surveillance image and noise real-time data of the monitoring points. Meanwhile, it also has functions such as dust particle concentration and noise data statistics and query, history query, data download, sort management, monthly report management, SMS alarm, account management etc. alarms triggered when excessive pollutants exceeded and specific people immediately informed by SMS or platform.

  • With the mobile APP and tablet iPAD, it can display PM10, noise data and video pictures of monitoring unit in a real-time manner; realize on-site mobile inspection function, including on-site forensics, electronic form issuance, distribution and feedback confirmation process; the system electronically monitors the process of sending, receiving, and processing electronic forms.

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