Animal Husbandry Internet of Things Solution

Around the problems such as difficulty in monitoring dairy cows' estrus, information transmission is not timely, Product usage complexity and high price, etc.. Based on wireless communication, IoT and other technological method, to launch animal husbandry IoT solution

Solution Summary

After 2008, China's dairy farming has developed rapidly in terms of cultivation scale and quality level, and the dairy cow farming quality has also been significantly improved under the encouragement and support of national policies. However, we also have to see that in most of small and medium-sized dairy farms in China, dairy cow farming are entirely relied on feeder manager observation to obtain dairy cow feeding management information, thus makes it difficult to monitor all dairy cows individual activity information in a real time manner, As a result, often miss the best time of dairy cows estrus and conception, which greatly reduces the milk production of dairy cows and affects their economic benefits.

The animal husbandry IoT solution relies on IoT technology, by monitoring cows' activity volume(pedometer) in a real time manner, to determine cows' estrous status. Combining NB-IoT Wireless Network Transmission Technology, achieve data upload of dairy cow activity volume, inform farm worker with cows estrous and health status in a real time manner, and help them determine best breeding time, reduce the losses caused by Missed detection of cow's estrus.

Scheme Design

  • Dairy Cow Activity Collector
  • Dairy Cow Estrus Monitoring Management Platform

Dairy cow activity collector determines dairy cow's estrus status and health status by monitoring cow's activity volume. Can effectively remind the breeder to carry out cow breeding and health care work, reduce error of manual observation, reduce false pregnancy time and feeding cost of cow, and quickly improve breeding level of pasture.

Dairy cow activity collector adopts full enclosed design, features waterproof and moisture resistant, can be used in muddy or stagnant pasture environments. The product adopts NB-IoT IoT wireless communication technology module, has the advantages of ultra-low power consumption, wide coverage and stronger signal penetration. it adopts high-performance and high-capacity lithium battery, which can serve for 3 to 5 years. The device is easy to install, does not require large-scale construction, reduce deployment costs.

Dairy cow estrus monitoring management platform consists of data receiving service program, dairy cow estrus prediction program and pasture management program. The data receiving service program runs 24 hours uninterruptedly to provide service for data transmission of activity base station. Dairy cow estrus warning program judges estrus status by analyzing the activity data of dairy cow, and sends the result to breeder's mobile phone of the corresponding pasture by SMS and WeChat.

  • Cattle Management

    Implement archival management on cow's basic data such as height, weight, age, parity and reproductive information.

  • Estrus Monitoring

    Provides functions of viewing cow estrus warning information, activity volume curve, mining and analysis of estrus data etc.

  • Smart Early Warning

    Automatically alert dairy cow’s estrus status based on Herd data and remind users of precautions, to facilitate user daily work arrangements.

  • Disease Prevention

    Based on activity volume and other collected data, to provide dairy cow health status warning, establish dairy cow case file, achieve data-based disease prevention and management.

Solution Value

Dairy cow estrus again in 2~3 months after childbirth, average estrous interval is 21 days, average estrus time is 18 hours, and most time are at night. Manual monitoring is not accurate, leads to miss the best time to fertilize. Once the fertilization fails, Milk stopping period period will be extended by 21 days, cause direct economic losses.

By monitoring dairy cow activity in a real time manner, to judge dairy cow estrus status, ensure staff knows cows' estrus situation instantly, avoid artificial mismatching. Upon the solution implementation, the conception rate increased by more than 9%, estrus detection rate increased by more than 20%, greatly improve the breeding efficiency of the cattle farm as well as economic benefits.

Customer Case

Shanxi Dairy Industry Quality Improvement and Efficiency Subsidy Project

As for quality improvement and subsidy project implemented in Datong City, Shuozhou City, Taiyuan City, Xinzhou City, Jinzhong City and other cities, by the end of 2017, more than 30,000 sets of pedometers for dairy cows estrus monitoring system have been installed to dairy cows of the local dairy farmers. This device is easy to wear, Data acquisition is timely and accurate, which is widely praised by users.

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