One-Stop Smart Hardware Service Platform

End-to-end smart service platform, multi-mode application development services, standardized communication modules, comprehensive operational service capabilities.

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Platform docking integration services

Third-party Capability and Content Platform

Third-party capability, content and channel platform



End-to-end smart hardware service capability

Hewu Realization

One-stop smart hardware solution

Factory Realization


  • Rapid Development

    We provide you with rich H5 templates and UI components, to help you complete application development quickly

  • Standardized APP

    Provides standardized app, free users from the trouble of installing multiple APPs for multiple products, as well as reduces the vendor's development costs.

  • Open Platform Ecology

    Access third-party application developer, provide more application-level support for vendors

  • All-round Cloud Service

    We provide you complete cloud service, including device access, data storage and application systems, save your cost of building own platform.

Development process

  • 1

    Create Product

    Register and Login Hewu Platform

  • 2

    Definition of Product Function

    Platform customize device function point, then download SDK, thus automatically generate SDK based on the defined function points.

  • 3

    APP Interface Development

    With multimodal application development service and application templates, it can quickly realize control application for devices.

  • 4

    Device Access Debugging

    Platform provides virtual debugging and real device capabilities, assist users in quickly discovering and locating problems encountered during access

  • 5

    APP Information Configuration

    Configure APP-end product usage information, including distribution network description and usage description

  • 6

    Volume Production

    Launched products pass review for listing, conduct market-based volume production.

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Product Exhibition

  • Environment and Health
  • Warming Appliance
  • Electrician Lighting
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Other