Quickly and flexibly construct IoT visual large-screen application in professional level, seamless docking massive data, perfectly adapt Multiresolution large-screen, provide rich IoT industry customized templates and industry components, easily respond to data visualization requirements such as smart home, smart city, water and hydropower, smart medical and so on. No programming, visual drag-and-drop configuration, complete IoT visual large-screen development within 10 minutes.


  • Drag-and-drop editing

    Drag-and-drop editor, quickly build application interface without programming

  • Multiple source docking

    Docking multiple data sources such as OneNET built-in data, third-party database, Excel static file

  • Automatic screen adaptation

    Automatically adapt to multiple resolution screens, satisfy multiple scenarios

  • Encrypted release

    When accessing with shared links, verify access password first to ensure data security, and facilitate access rights recycling

  • Industry Components Invocation

    Provide IoT industry visual templates and components, can create visual app quickly, and support multiple components linkage interaction, intuitively display data relationship among components

  • Open Service Capabilities

    Provide component specifications and standard samples, third party ISV can join component customization ecosystem, to share visual market dividend


  • Rich IoT components

    Provide over 90 IoT components, including maps, distributions, dials, etc

  • Seamless docking with data

    Can directly dock with OneNET platform data, and also can link to database of self-owned application

  • Rapid application development

    No programming, no need for operation and maintenance, generate IoT display application within 10 minutes

  • Flexible & customizable

    Provide component customization services, can customize components and charts according to needs


OneNET View User Manual