Video Capability

Provides video devices access; flow push,play, distribution of real-time video; supports access of large-scale, distributed, and high-concurrency video.


  • API
  • Video Access
  • Live Broadcast Distribution
  • Playback End
  • Console Management
  • Live Broadcast Safety
  • API for Device Management

    Device register, online query automaticly; add/delete/change video channel

  • API for Statistical Query

    Display List Query;Push list Query

  • Operation API

    Prohibit, Enable Video Channel

  • Local Video API

    Inquire local video list

  • Video Play API

    Obtain play push address; support for RTMP, HLS type

  • Device Access Protocol

    Adopt video private protocol, used for device communication, push cotrol, remote control

  • Push Protocol

    Support access SDK with C language; RTMP protocol flow push

  • Audio and Video Compression

    Video compression support for h.264, audio compression support for aac.

  • Distribution Protocol

    Support RTMP, HLS Audio & Video coding、Code Rate and input are identical

  • Media Player

    Support for Media Player such as JW Player, Videojs, VLC Flowplaer; Support for H5 browser, can play HLS directly

  • Product Management

    Product management,device management;APIKey management; Real time flow push, broadcast query

  • Device Management

    Device management; video channel management, Remote Management on historical video

  • Anti-stealing-link

    Support for push-pull URL anti-theft chain, and with timeliness

  • IPsec Encryption

    Support for Transmission encryption, Storage encryption


  • Multi-terminal Access

    OneNET-base unified access, support all types of video terminal access, and has massive terminal access capabilities

  • Smart Development

    Provides terminal-side SDK and playback-side SDK, make it easier and more convenient for developers to develop video applications

  • Excellent Performance

    Excellent video performance, end-to-end low latency, allow users to have excellent and smooth use experience

  • Cost Savings

    Rely on China Mobile's cost advantage in data transmission and data storage, it will reduce video applications deployment cost for developers


  • Youxintong Video Monitoring Platform

    Install cameras in classroom to capture real-time videos of children's classes, games and activities in classroom. With the video capabilities provided by OneNET, it can meet the needs of viewing live video by multiplayer; also provides functions such as user management, device management, message management and authority management; parents can view real-time video and historical video through independent App or WeChat public account. And based on actual needs, can customize the operation time of cameras, more flexible and easy to use.