NB-IoT Kit

Focus on low-power wide area (LPWA) IoT industry


The NB-IoT suite provides a user-friendly ability to connect devices to OneNET platform using NB modules to enrich NB-IoT applications. The platform provides users with the overall solution of “Terminal-Platform-Application” to help enterprises achieve rapid upgrading of NB-IoT capability. The terminal side can realize lightweight CoAP+LWM2M transmission protocol by transplanting SDK, and reduce the power consumption of IoT terminals; the platform side can seamlessly connect with China Mobile NB-IoT network to meet the rapid access of high-concurrent devices to the cloud, and realize the functions of resource subscription, storage, forwarding and command issuance for devices; the application side provides rich API interfaces to help users quickly develop and open platform-based capabilities.


  • Device Access

    Supports massive device access, provides basic communication kit, reduces device access thresholds and improves access efficiency

  • Secure Transmission

    Provides data encryption transmission, which DTLS for devices, HTTPS for application.

  • Data Processing

    Provides subscription, storage, and forwarding of resource attributes to devices in accordance with the OMA IPSO specification

  • Rich API

    Provides rich API interface to meet the usage scenarios of various users

  • Caching Command

    Provides the caching and issuance of device downlink commands under NB-IoT scenario in PSM and other state

  • Trigger Report

    Supports device data to be reported in a timely manner by mail or push when certain rules and conditions are met


  • Seamless Docking

    Seamless docking with China Mobile narrowband cellular IoT NB-IoT network, enable fast and stable access of NB-IoT devices

  • SDK Pre-integration

    Open Terminal device SDK, reduce development threshold, development time, and quick access to cloud platforms

  • Firmware Upgrade

    Provide FOTA firmware remote upgrade, facilitate firmware version management, monitoring and analysis of device group and upgrade task status.

  • Industrial Cooperation

    It has been adapted and verified with the maintream NB chips and modules in the market, provides multiple options.


Smart Parking

Parking Management, Deep Coverage

Smart Meter Reading

Remote meter reading, alarm reports

Smart Manhole Cover

Online supervision on Manhole cover fault

Smart Street Light

Remote control device detection

Smart Agriculture

Wide area coverage

Water Level Monitoring

Information report

Tram Guardian

Anti-theft location violation monitoring


  • Create Product

    Select LWM2M Access Protocol

  • Create Device

    Enter IMEI IMSI Information

  • Device Registration

    Achieve device parameter authentication

  • Obtain Resource

    View device resource list

  • Launch Applications

    Generate apps according to requirements

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