As basic service Kit for OneNET, provides developers with device access services and application development capabilities based on MQTT protocol.


  • Device Access

    Provide big connection, high concurrent stable device access service

  • Secure Transmission

    Links support TLS encryption, providing you with a high security device data transmission channel

  • Data Storage

    Provide free storage capacity for up to one year to reduce the cost of storage resources investment for you

  • Message Distribution

    Support device message filtering and forwarding, flexible service extension

  • Send direct command

    Support device unicast command issuance, instant access to device response

  • App Hosting

    Provides rich API interface for application development scenarios


  • Wide Application

    Support standard MQTT access and enjoys wide applicability in a variety of industries

  • Message Distribution

    Support MQTT-based message publish/subscription model

  • Excellent Performance

    Supports massive connections, high concurrency and low latency

  • Quick Access

    Support multi-language SDK, convenient for various devices to achieve fast access.


  • “Table Media” Shared Power Bank

    “Table Media” is a small size desktop shared power bank with charging line, and free charge without deposit, easy to use. Relying on the message subscription, publishing mechanism, fast device access and application development capability provided by OneNET MQTT suite, it has built the whole system in a very short time, and the product is put into the market very soon.

  • Youxintong Video Monitoring Platform

    Install cameras in classroom to capture real-time videos of children's classes, games and activities in classroom. With the video capabilities provided by OneNET, it can meet the needs of viewing live video by multiplayer; also provides functions such as user management, device management, message management and authority management; parents can view real-time video and historical video through independent App or WeChat public account. And based on actual needs, can customize the operation time of cameras, more flexible and easy to use.