Device Management

Provide efficient, reliable, and machine-card integrated device management capabilities for massive devices


For the management of IoT devices, provide six functions of machine-card integrated management, device overview statistics, device information enhancement management, remote upgrade, location service, and log query applied in scenarios such as remote device management, remote terminal & IoT card troubleshooting and location targeting.


  • Device-Card Integration

    The operator's unique feature - unified management capability on machine and card, to control the entire process of the terminal & IoT card business

  • Overview Statistics

    Multi-dimensional data statistics on devices and service data, and provide presentation mode of instant data board and historical change chart

  • Information Management

    Quick view of device information, status, and records, and provide expanding device information management

  • Remote Upgrade

    Provide end-to-end FOTA and SOTA solutions, and special optimization for NB low-speed scenarios

  • Log Query

    Provide log query self-service tool, quickly and accurately identify and resolve problems

  • Location service

    Provide 2/3/4G single base station & multi-base station positioning which are in mainland, Hong Kong and Macau, deeply integrated into IoT business


  • Unified management

    Quickly realize integrated management on machine and card, and grasp the status and usage information of device and card in a real time manner

  • Seamless Docking

    Support access protocols, realize unified upper-layer devices management, remote upgrade, and data services

  • Abundant capacities

    Provide six essential capacities of device, while continue to expand more services

  • Variety of use

    Not only provide management portal, but also provide capability interface,which can self-pack management service


  • 1 China Mobile account manager open EC account
  • 2 Bind EC account
  • 3 Establish machine-card relationship
  • 4 Query machine-card information