OneNET IoT Platform Platform Introduction Introduction Manual Guidline for Device Development Guideline for Application Development
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About development Board Application(version 2018)

1. Link for board application?

Answer: Can apply for development board on the official event link

2. Can the board be purchased?

Answer: To purchase the OneNET Development Board, please go to the unique official designated Taobao shop CMonemo

3. How long does it take to get board since application success?

Answer: After the successful application of the Development Board, which will be issued after cumulating to amount, and the expected waiting time is 20 working days.

4. How long does the audit on application take?

A: The Development Board audit generally needs 5 working days, audit result notification emails will be regularly sent on every Friday. In case of holidays, it will be delayed one week

5. Is there a shipping list?

Answer: If you need the Development Board shipping list, please contact with our staff

6. Is there an application progress inquiry?

Answer: we will send a notification of development board application result on every Friday, please pay attention to the email notification

7. I had submitted board application, must the application pass the audit first?

Answer: Please do not use others's application links or blank apps

8. Does the NB board have NB card?

Answer: The approved NB Development Board will be distributed with the Development Board and its auxiliary hardware, not containthe NB card.

9. How to fill in the app address?

Answer: suggest to fill in app link in the development board application, the app with rich contents will help you pass the application (app link must be for the approved application, please do not use others app links or blank apps)

10. Related considerations?

Answer: project introduction need to be as detailed as possible, please do not describe in a sentence; the audit staff will audit it based on the project introduction and the application presentation.

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