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About OCP(2018 Version)

(Ⅰ) Basic concepts

1. What is the OCP eco-market?

Answer: OCP eco-market is the IoT “shopping mall” of China Mobile OneNET platform. Enterprises can apply to join OCP. After approval, enterprises can join the market freely, to display product solutions and successful cases, and to seize market opportunities.

2. What is OCP?

Answer: OCP (OneNET Certification Programme) is the OneNET Partner Certification program initiated by China Mobile IoT Co., Lts. It aims to introduce high-quality partners to the OneNET platform, and jointly build platform standards, promote collaboration and provide customers with all-round value services.

3. What does OCP eco-market bring to enterprises?

Answer: Display Enterprise's rich solutions and mature successful case, and will bring more promotion channels and exposure to the enterprise. At the same time, it also provides the function that demand release, to meet the needs of both suppliers and demanders efficiently and conveniently, and promote cooperation and win-win situation.

4. What is the relationship between China Mobile OCP and China Mobile IoT Alliance?

Answer: OCP is a certification program proposed by the Open Platform Executive Committee of China Mobile IoT Alliance, which aims to introduce quality partners, jointly build platform standards, promote collaboration, and refine OneNET platform ecological network quality.

5. Do enterprises which already be OCP “registered-level” or “certified-level” need to re-enter the OCP eco-market?

Answer: Need. In the future, OCP will implement online management. Enterprises which already be OCP partners need to re-complete the process of certification information supplement on line, but don't need to sign the protocol again.

6. What is the relationship between OCP and OCP eco-market?

Answer: OCP is OneNET platform certification program, and OCP eco-market is the platform to serve and manage OCP enterprises. All OCP enterprises need to enter the OCP eco-market, to achieve grade and rights and interests management. At the same time, enterprises can also publicize products, solution and successful cases on the platform, to improve the exposure of enterprises and meet the needs of both suppliers and consumers more quickly.

7. What is the role and future impact of OCP eco-market in OCP

Answer: OCP eco-market utilizes the multi-operation capability of China Mobile IoT Co., Ltd, to help OCP enterprises get more and better promotion opportunities, and also provide users with a platform to find quality enterprises. Through the establishment and promotion of industry standards, OCP eco-market actively promotes the standardized collection and analysis of industry data, help to accumulate and precipitate industry standard data. In the future intelligent era, OCP eco-market can better help enterprises and users carry out large data analysis, thus bring more value.

(Ⅱ) OCP eco-market entry process


1. How to apply for an OCP eco-market account?

Answer: user can use OneNET enterprise account to login OCP eco-market . If you do not have OneNET account, click and enter OneNET homepage,, to register an enterprise account and complete enterprise real-name authentication.

2. How to enter the OCP eco-market?

Answer: Apply to be an OCP “registered-level” enterprise, then can join the OCP eco-market. Click on “Join OCP” and complete the relevant information. enter successfully once pass audit.

3. Why it jumps to the real-name authentication interface after clicking on “Join OCP”?

Answer: If jumpes to the authentication interface means that the enterprise account has not proceed real-name authentication, so need to submit the enterprise real-name certification first, and then click “Join OCP” again after the approval, then you can fill in the "registered-level" application form, submit for approval, once approved entry complete.

4. How to add solution and case?

Answer: Enter the OCP eco-market, click on the avatar on the right side to join “My OCP”, click on content management, add the corresponding content to the enterprise's corresponding solution and case, and for custom content, can upload the relevant PDF files of the enterprise's existing solution freely.

**5. Why are they not displayed in the OCP eco-market after submitting the solutions and cases?

Answer: After submission, the solutions and cases need to be audit by staff before can be displayed at the website front-end.

6. Can the displayed solutions and cases be modified after the approval?

Answer: Yes, can be modified. the exhibited solution can supplement and improve the contents and information at any time. The revised contents need to be audited before they can be displayed.

(Ⅲ) Answering Questions for Eco-Market entry

1. Where to apply for entering OCP Eco-Market?

Answer: You can entering OCP Eco-Market by clicking OCP Eco-Market at OneNET official web-page, and then click on "Join OCP" to fill in relevant data.Y

2. What are reasons for rejection of real-name certification?

Answer: Firstly, please check whether the filled enterprise information is incorrect; secondly, the letter of attorney of the account manager needs to download the template, which needs to print and sign and seal and then upload after completing the filling.

3. Can I apply for multiple types of partners?

Answer: When submitting applications, enterprises can apply for at most two types of partners according to their own preferences.

4. whether is only to become “certified-level” enterprise can proceed enterprise and case display?

Answer: No, once be approved and become “registration-level” enterprise, then can realize the enterprise, solution and case display.

5. Why enterprise information is failed to be displayed in the Service Enterprises after the successful application for “registered-level” enterprises?

Answer: Successful application only entitles the right for display. Enterprises need to login the OCP eco-market, enter “My OCP” to supplement enterprise information and upload relevant solution and cases to display in the corresponding “Service Enterprises”, “Program Center” and “Success Cases” on the website homepage.

6. After become “registered-level” partner, how to apply to become "certified-level" partner?

Answer: "Registered-level" partner can enter the OCP eco-market, click “My OCP" under the avatar floating window, and click “OCP Grade” on the left side after entering the jump page. Click “Apply to Upgrade" under the “Certified-level” icon to fill in relevant information.

7. How to get the audit results and progress after submitting the OCP application online?

Answer: After submitting the application, click “My OCP” under the floating window of the avatar, and click “OCP Grade” on the left side of the jump page, and the audit progress will be displayed here. Relevant information will be informed by the way of platform information push.

8. What data need to be audited?

Answer: Enterprise real-name certification, “registered-level” and “certified-level” application, upload of enterprise information, enterprise solution and successful cases are subject to staff audit.

9. Is it possible to apply for “certified-level” or “strategic level” directly?

Answer: No, cannot. After OCP enterprises apply at the official unified entrance, they will become OCP "registered-level" partners, if they comform to primary audit. OCP "registered-level" partners can become OCP "certified-level" partners only after they have passed the OCP certification-level audit and signed the OCP agreement. Strategic partners need to continue the "cooperation maturity” assessment on the basis of certification level before they can become OCP strategic partners.

10. What are the requirements for different types of partners to apply for “certified-level” enterprises?

Answer: Partners such as software applications, hardware terminals and solutions require devices to access OneNET. When applying, need to fill in the corresponding product and device ID, API-key and other contents in OneNET account. Marketing and innovation incubation partners are audited by staff according to the actual cooperation and business development of the enterprise.

11. When will the OCP certificate and plaque be issued to the enterprise?

Answer: Normally OCP certificates will be sent to your company within two months after upgrad to the “certifiED-level” enterprise; OCP plaques will be issued to “OCP certifiED-level” and “OCP strategic level” enterprises by way ofAwarding ceremony. Enterprises that fail to attend the event will receive OCP certification and plaque by mail or other methods.

12. Do “certification-level" enterprises have agreements or plaques?

Answer: No. OCP “certified-level” and “strategic level” partners have corresponding certificates and plaques, and they need to sign cooperation agreements, but OCP “registered-level” enterprises can also enter the OCP eco-market, improve their basic information to show the enterprise situation, upload solutions and successful cases to show their strength.

13. What about forgetting the login account or password of OneNET?

Answer: You can login with your account-bound phone number, or click on the Forgot Password to retrieve it after entering the phone number.

14. How to view and manage the demands of enterprises?

Answer: Login the OCP eco-market, click “My OCP” under the portrait floating window on the right side, and click on demand management on the left side of the jump page. Demands are include customer demand and my demand. Customer demand are the content put forward by the demander, and my demands are those put forward by myself.

15. Can only enterprises demand from OCP enterprises?

Answer: No, all OneNET users can browse enterprise information, solutions and cases, and users can collect their interested enterprises and cases. At the same time, they can put forward cooperation needs and obtain contact information. Enterprises receiving demands will view and manage needs through the Demand Management Center.

16. How to understand the letter of attorney in real-name certification?

Answer: The letter of attorney represents that the enterprise entrust the administrator to take charge of the enterprise account, authorize the administrator to be responsible for the account management, product operation, product ordering, account settlement and other matters in OneNET.

(Ⅳ) Questions answering for OCP cooperative enterprises

1. Can OCP enterprises use OCP Logo?

Answer: The audited OCP enterprises can use OCP Logo, but the OCP enterprise level should be indicated at the same time. If an enterprise illegally uses OCP Logo, OneNET has the right to request its correction. If it refuses to do so, it will be permanently disqualified from OCP and can not apply to join OCP again.

2. Can OCP enterprises use OneNET Logo? , Answer: Audited OCP enterprises can use OneNET Logo in their promotional materials; OCP "strategic level" enterprises can use OneNET Logo on their marketable products after being authorized. OneNET has the right to require enterprises that illegally use OneNET Logos to correct,

3. Channel for OCP Certification Results Publicity

Answer: OneNET official website and OCP eco-market are official publicity channels. Any media, including OneNET official wechat account and third-party media publicity, are based on OneNET official website and OCP eco-market. The final interpretation right of OCP publicity belongs to the Open Platform Executive Committee of China Mobile IoT Alliance.

4. What are the rights and interests of OCP cooperative enterprises in different levels?

Answer: Click to enter Check the rights and responsibilities of "registered-level”, "certified-level” and "strategic level” enterprises.

5. How to understand “Marketing” rights and interests in OCP Rights and Interests

Answer: By the OCP programme, OneNET provides different “marketing” rights and interests for different levels OCP enterprises. OCP enterprises gain the rights and interests of OCP market promotion by participating in various activities organized by OneNET, such as project evaluation, standardization construction, project solicitation, etc. But at the same time, OCP enterprises should assume corresponding responsibilities. OCP enterprises should not provide false information, deceive OneNET personnel and deliberately mislead the final consumers. OneNET has the right to refuse to provide corresponding rights and interests to OCP enterprises.

6. How to understand the “Cost Advantage” rights and interests in OCP rights and interests

Answer: By the OCP programme, OneNET provide different “cost advantage” rights and interests for different levels in OCP enterprises. That is, OCP enterprises will gain a price advantage over non-OCP enterprises when they use OneNET platform capabilities and other application services capabilities (such as “Hewu” and “BaaS” capabilities) of OneNET platform. OCP enterprises in different levels have different price advantages, and the specific implementation rules will be introduced after OneNET platform formally charges for external use. OCP enterprises will get preferential price when they purchase modular products or other OneNET products in large quantities. The specific preferential price depends on the quantity of purchase.

7. How to obtain technical support?

Answer: Enterprises can learn by developing documents and forums on the official website. OCP Partners can give feedback to the auditors on relevant issues, and technical supports will be given by the staff or related technical personnel.

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