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1. Can Telecom's and Unicom's IoT Card connect to OneNET Platform?

Answer: Yes, except the Telecom's NB card can only connect to the OC platform, the rest of IoT cards can connect.

2. Can the trigger's mailbox be modified?

Answer: The trigger's mailbox can only be the mailbox bound at registration time. If want to change the mailbox, can click Security Settings > Mailbox Change


3. Can the datastream of the platform be deleted? How to delete it?

Answer: Currently, datastreams can be deleted, Developer Center > DataStream Template > Operation > Delete Button


4. Can the data of the platform be exported, deleted, modified and analyzed? How to achieve it?

Answer: At present, the platform data only support add and query functions. Details refer to

5. How to see whether the commands sent on the platform are successful?

Answer: If API instruction called by the application succeeds, the OneNET platform will return the execution result.

6. Can datastreams from multiple devices be placed in the same application?

Answer: It can be done in independent applications. Independent applications can have multiple application components. Different components can correspond to different device datastreams


7. Can devices on the platform be restored after deleted? How to recover?

Answer: Platform device can not be recovered after deleted

8. Can the device ID be set by the user himself? Or is OneNET automatically generated?

Answer: Device ID is automatically generated by the platform

9. When OneNET pushes messages to third-party platform, it always appears the message "data push you set has failed for several times, and is about to reach the platform upper limit" and then it will interrupt the links. What is the situation?

Answer: This situation may be that the application is disconnected from the OneNET platform. OneNET will push data until 2000 pieces of data pushed if not receiving application confirmation.

10. Whether only one access protocol can be specified when creating product?

Answer: User chooses a protocol according to the application scenario, and one device can only interact with the platform according to one protocol

11. How many devices can be created under a product?

Answer: Multiple devices can be created under one product. There are different restrictions according to different types of real-name authentication. For details see Real-name authentication

12. How many datastreams can be added under a device?

Answer: Multiple datastreams can be created under one device. Currently, the platforms doesn't limit the number

13. How long does OneNET data can be saved? What is the capacity?

Answer: OneNET platform data can be saved for one year, unlimited for its capacity

14. Can a datastream transmit two kinds or more different types of data?

Answer: No, we recommend to create two different datastreams

15. Why is the data uploaded to OneNET sometime a picture,and sometime a dot?

Answer: The data uploaded to the platform are all uploaded in the form of datapoints, and the platform does not support picture display function

16. What is the difference between individual application and template application, and how to use template application?

Answer: 1. Individual application is only work for one device; template application is work for all devices under the product. 2. After template application is created under application management, it will take effect automatically.

17. How to convert template application into individual application?

Answer: Template application cannot be converted into individual application

18. Can OneNET add/delete devices in batch?

Answer: The platform provides API for batch adding and deleting devices. Proper calling APIs can achieve batch add and deletion

19. How does OneNET send data to devices?

Answer: Platform sends data to devices using different protocols in different ways. See Access Documents Using Protocol for details.

20. Can't OneNET use http to transmit videos?

Answer: Currently, it doesn't support

21. How does OneNET implement judging whether the device is online?

Answer: The indicator of device name on the Product Page shows green indicates device is online, gray indicates device is off-line

22. It displays duplicated after the IMEI number under NB product has been deleted, cannot add device?

Answer: It is caused by the background deletion is not timely. If you need to add new device urgently, please contact the official person in charge by QQ: 562201586

23. Where will the data pushed by the server be received after the third party platform authentication is successful?

Answer: Server will push data to the url configured when configuring a third-party application

24. Can OneNET trigger push manually when data push fails on the third-party platform?

Answer: Yes.

25. Can OneNET docking third-party platforms only via http?

Answer: Support http or https

26. How to complete the rebinding when the previous mobile phone number is lost?

Answer: You can rebind the mobile phone number in the security settings. If the previous mobile phone number has been cancelled or lost, then you can't complete the rebinding

27. How to use OneNET_config_v1.2.exe?

Answer: OneNET_config_v1.2.exe is a registry code generation tool. Input the path of the tool in cmd and run after the required parameters are filled in

28. The trigger sends a message to the mailbox if it reaches the set value, but it always sends messages; how to make it send only once?

Answer: When the trigger condition is selected as inout mode when creating a trigger, the trigger responds once in the interval of datastream first entering and exiting, keeping the trigger in the interval and not continuously responding. The difference of different triggering modes can refer to the trigger api section of the application access document

29. What are the functions and differences between the personal account and the enterprise account of OneNET platform?

Answer: Currently, the user authentication function has been online. There are some differences between personal account and enterprise account in functions. Enterprise account has more rights. If the account passes personal authentication, it can upgrade and proceed enterprise authentication again. For details, See Real-name authentication

30. What is the enterprise account application procedure (Enterprise Certification Procedure)?

Answer: After the authentication function is online, the entrance of enterprise account registration has been cancelled. If you want to complete the enterprise registration, you can first Register the Platform User > Login > Personal Data > Enterprise Authentication

31. How can change the displayed pictures based on the datastream in the application editor? 。 Answer: After uploaded the picture, fill in the corresponding datastream value under the picture. When there is corresponding data value for uploading, it will switch to the corresponding picture.

32. Is it possible to modify the communication protocol after the product is created?

Answer: The communication protocol can not be modified, if it can be modified, then the device authentication information and mode under the product will change, and will cause confusion.

33. After the creation of additional devices on the OneNET platform, the device can be online, but the platform display that "the device does not support to find resource". What's the matter?

Answer: LWM2M protocol devices login the OneNET platform, first need to subscribe Object group and Resource parameters; refer to AT instruction steps for using modules to complete the configuration before login.

34. How can an off-line device of OneNET be re-logged in?

Answer: After the device is offline, the steps of re-login and initial login are the same. For the device not dropping, the heartbeat packet should be sent in time. The device of LWM2M protocol sends AT+MIPLUPDAT instructions in time.

*35. What is the reason for server configuration automaticly shutdown

Answer: There are two main reasons for third-party servers fail to push: one is the record of continuous push failure within 24 hours; the other is that a message fails 2000 times because it cannot be pushed.

36. There are no devices in the FOTA device list. How to add?

Answer: When the new FOTA group chooses the module model, it must correspond to the module model of your device, so that there will be devices in the FOTA device list. Module model support is required to display the device, and then add it.

37. What is the difference between device registration and device addition?

Answer: Device addition is adding through Api-key of the product, and device registration is adding through the formal environment Register-code of the product. Both role is to add new device.

38. In applications, can a map show multiple device locations?

Answer: No, not support multiple coordinates display. Map control can only select one datastream, that is one point coordinate.

39. Is there a limit on the number of topics subscribed? How many topics can be sent under a product? How many topics can a device subscribe to at most?

Answer: There are limitations: a MQTT product can support up to 100 customized topics, and a device can subscribe to up to 50 topics.

40. Domain names and addresses of national platforms?

Answer: See the table below for details

pic4 pic5

41. How to set the timeout for offline commands?

Answer: Set timeout parameter, command validity time is 0 in default. 0: On-line command, if the device is on-line, send to the device, if the device is off-line, discard it directly. > 0: Off-line command, if the device is on-line, send to the device; if the device is off-line, it will be valid in the current time plus timeout time, and within the validity period, if the device is on-line, send to the device. Unit: second. Effective range: 0~2678400. For details, see the development document

42. In OneNET, can we slide to view historical data curves in application management?

Answer: No, currently, the data curve can only show value of the latest datapoints.

43. How to use the formal environmental registration code in device management?

Answer: When calling the api of the registered device, the registration code will be used for device registration.

44. How does TCP transparent query device historical data?

Answer: The device history data can be obtained through API interface for querying device historical data.

45. How to use the map of OneNET?

Answer: Obtain parameters from base station, and report information to specific datastream of the platform. For details, see document description

46. What needs to be returned when receives data pushed by the platform?

Answer: Need to respond a successful status code for http requests to OneNET within 5 seconds.

47. What happens when push services are always stopped?

Answer: First, the push will be repeated, but the cumulative number of re-push bars reaches 2000 or there are re-push messages 24 hours in a row. One of them will stop the push function.

48. Can the product or device created be restored if they are deleted carelessly?

Answer: No, cannot

49. If the device is disconnected from the network, how long does OneNET find that the device is disconnected?

Answer: OneNET won't find the device is offline until its lifetime expires.

50. How does device A transmit data to device B in the transparenting mode?

Answer: The communication before the device is suggested to be implemented by using mqtt protocol. Device A publishes the topic and device B subscribes to it.

51. When send command, there is no prompt parameter error. Why read the cache command execution prompt, execution status is: request parameter error?

Answer: This error is usually caused by the inconsistency of resource type and parameter type, which can only be judged in execution.

52. If not receive a response from the application when push, will it keep pushing?

Answer: Firstly, it will repeat push, but the push function will be stopped if the cumulative number of repetitions reaches 2000 or 24 hours.

53. What are the requirements for customized resid?

Answer: The process is the same as normal. The difference is on the customize the ID of the object, instance and resource, it is OK as long as it does not coincide with the OMA definition.

54. What should I do if it always verifies the token to be failed when I configure the URL on the third-party development platform?

Answer: When submitting validation, using get method to transmit three parameters of nonce, msg and signature, if the return result does not return the value of msg correctly, such as returning more symbols in the value of msg, the validation will fail.

55. How to cut commands issued by the OneNET platform?

Answer: Block transmission. The size of commands sent by API is up to 2kb, and then the size of blocks is up to 512 bytes.

56. Is there a way to get product ID based on MasterKey in API?

Answer: At present, there are no relevant APIs available for the product ID. Other APIs are detailed in the development document application development.

57.How many caching commands can each device have on OneNET?

Answer: NB devices currently have up to 10 caches, and there are no restrictions on other devices.

58. What will happen if the registration time exceeds?

Answer: The device will be offline from the OneNET platform.

59. What's the difference between writing device resources and send commands?

Answer: Both the write and the execution can perform command operations on the device. The execution only supports sending string, and write supports more types.

60. What's the difference between instant commands and caching commands?

Answer: Instand commands can only arrive the device when the device is online and its downlink port is not aging. Caching commands can be sent when the device is offline, and reaches to device when there is uplink data.

61. Data can be sent to OneNET, but the platform displays offline. What is the reason?

Answer: This situation should be the platform connected by http protocol; because http is short-connected, the device will not be displayed online, but can POST data to the OneNET platform.

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