OneNET IoT Platform Platform Introduction Introduction Manual Guidline for Device Development Guideline for Application Development
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SDK for Device Access

Ⅰ. Address to Download SDK

Ⅱ. SDK Description

Header file route:


Compilation tool: cmake

Ⅲ. Interface list

  1. Device Related Interfaces
Interface name Description Remark
ont_device_create create OneNET Access device refer to device.h
ont_device_get_acc get access machine address and access machine token refer to device.h
ont_device_connect device connection authentication interface refer to device.h
ont_device_verify verify the token obtained from the access machine refer to device.h
ont_device_request_rsa_publickey request for platform RSA publickey
Meanwhile, the platform will issue the request for device publickey
refer to device.h

|ont_device_replay_rsa_publickey|device send encryption publickey to OneNET|refer to device.h| |ont_device_register|device registration|refer to device.h| |ont_device_auth| device authentication, device can register once only, use authentication code to authenticate in the future connection, to improve efficiency|refer to device.h| |ont_device_data_upload|device data upload|refer to device.h| |ont_device_get_channels|get device channel|refer to device.h| |ont_device_del_channel|delete device channel|refer to device.h| |ont_device_add_channel|add channel|refer to device.h| |ont_device_keepalive|device keep alive interface|refer to device.h| |ont_device_check_receive|check whether there is data issued by the platform need to be processed|refer to device.h| |ont_device_reply_ont_cmd|device send command response results to OneNET|refer to device.h| |ont_device_reply_user_defined_cmd|device send command response results to OneNET|refer to device.h| |ont_device_deal_api_defined_msg|device deal with the customized message sent by API|refer to device.h| |ont_device_deal_plat_resp_push_stream_msg|device deal with device pushstream request replied by platform|refer to device.h| |ont_device_set_platformcmd_handle|set platform command processing function|refer to device.h| |ont_device_get_systime|synchronize platform system time to device|refer to device.h| |ont_device_keep_connect|keep connection between device and OneNET|refer to device.h| |ont_device_disconnect|disconnect interface|refer to device.h| |ont_device_destroy|destroy instance interface|refer to device.h| |ont_device_req_push_stream|device requests push-stream and calls callback functions to process platform reply|refer to device.h|

  1. Instruction Callback Interfaces (Platform Porting Interfaces)
Interface name Description Remark
t_ont_cmd_live_stream_ctrl live streaming level switching refer to platform_cmd.h
t_ont_cmd_dev_ptz_ctrl cloud platform control refer to platform_cmd.h
t_ont_cmd_dev_query_files device historical stream file query refer to platform_cmd.h
t_ont_keepalive_resp_callback heartbeat keep alive reply refer to device.h
t_ont_live_stream_start notify live_stream start refer to device.h
t_ont_vod_start_notify notify historical stream playback start refer to device.h
t_user_defind_cmd user_defined instruction refer to device.h
t_api_defind_msg deal with API defined messages refer to device.h
t_plt_resp_dev_req_stream_msg deal with messages of process platform reply pushstream request refer to device.h

3.rtmp real-time video related interfaces

Interface name Description Remark
rtmp_create_publishstream interface to create rtmp push-stream instance refer to rtmp_if.h
rtmp_stop_publishstream interface to stop rtmp push-stream instance refer to rtmp_if.h
rtmp_send_metadata interface to send metadata refer to rtmp_if.h
rtmp_send_spspps interface to send sps data refer to rtmp_if.h
rtmp_send_videodata interface to send video frame refer to rtmp_if.h
rtmp_send_audiodata interface to send audio frame refer to rtmp_if.h
rtmp_check_rcv_handler interface for rtmp receiving and processing refer to rtmp_if.h
rtmp_make_audio_headerTag interface to create flvaudio headerflag refer to rtmp_if.h
rtmp_send_h264data send H264 video frame refer to rtmp_if.h
  1. Local historical video related interfaces
Interface name Description Remark
rtmp_rvod_createctx interface to create historical video instance refer to rvod.h
rtmp_rvod_destoryctx interface to destroy historical video instance refer to rvod.h
rtmp_rvod_start interface to start historical video pushst-ream refer to rvod.h
rtmp_rvod_stop interface to stop historical video push-stream refer to rvod.h
rtmp_rvod_send_videoeof interface for file send ending notification refer to rvod.h

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