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The explanation of OneNET common terms are as follows:

Term Explanation Alias & Name used before
Product Collection of OneNET platform resources (include device, APIkey, trigger, application, etc.), one product corresponds to unique masterkey, product id, device registration code; one product contains multiple devices with the same characteristic, and uniqueness between multiple devices is distinguished by SN Project
Product id One of authentication information groups, the unique product identification code assigned by the platform when create product,used for identifying unique product, and to be as one of device logon authentication parameters Project id
APIkey Authentication parameters for API calls
Master-APIkey: APIkey with unique administrator rights under the product, with permissions to manage all devices under the product
Device-APIkey: Device-level APIkey, have access to all devices associated with it
accessKey Access key with higher security, used for implicit authentication parameters (indirect transmissions) when accessing the platform, access authentication by participating in the calculation and transmission of token
tokenAuthentication parameter with Higher security, consisting of multiple parameters, transmitted directly in channel
Registration code Unique under the product, which can be used as one of authentication parameters of API when real device call registration device
Device Belong to a product, it is mapping of real device in the platform, used to establish connection relationship with real device through connection message, it is the smallest unit that platform resource allocated
Authentication information group Unique parameter combination of device in the platform, which composed of device id, product id, device SN, and need to carry these parameters for authentication when real device connecting device (parameter requirements vary according to device access protocol)
Device id One of authentication information groups, which is assigned by the platform, is unique identification code for device within the platform
SN One of authentication information groups, unique serial number of device, which is customized by the hardware manufacturer, to be device parameter when creating/registering device, unique within the product, as one of the authentication parameters when the device connecting auth_info
Device number
Datastream Device attribute, which can be individual data attributes of device, such as temperature =10; or acombination of device data attributes, such as coordinates =x:10 y:20
datastream template The acquisited data attributes that all devices under the product have, for example, all air quality detector can report "PH2.5" "Formaldehyde concentration" and other data
Datapoint Data that device uploads to datastream each time
script The platform supports user customize data resolution rules, and resolves data in binary/string format (apllicable to TCP+ script access only)

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