OneNET IoT Platform Platform Introduction Introduction Manual Guidline for Device Development Guideline for Application Development
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Platform Architecture


Device Access

OneNET provides secure and stable device access services, support multiple protocols,which including LWM2M (CoAP), MQTT, Modbus, http, TCP, etc.:

  • In the scenario where considering low power consumption and wide coverage, recommend to use CoAP protocol to access
  • In industrial modbus communication scenario, recommended to use DTU+modbus protocol to access
  • In the scenarion where require real-time communication with device, recommend to use MQTT protocol to access
  • In scenario where device reports data only, can use the http/httpS protocol to access
  • In scenario where user needs to customize protocol access, recommend to use a TCP+ script method to access

For details, please refer to the Guidelines for Device Development section

Device Management

OneNET platform provides rich device management functions including life cycle management, on-line status monitoring, on-line debugging, data management and other functions for different usage scenarios.

For details, please refer to the Introduction Manual section


OneNET provides open, abundant, http/httpS-based API interface, user can use API for device management, data query, device command interaction and other operations, on the basis of API, according to their own personalized needs to specify the construction of the upper layer of the application.

For details, please refer to the API list

http Push

For some scenarios where with high real-time requirements, OneNET provides data push function, which can filter out frequent periodic report data on the device side, and push the data with high real-time users' concern to the user's application server by http/httpS.

For details, please refer to http push

Safety Certification

OneNET provides user resource access security authentication mechanisms, and provides different granularity keys at the product level and at the device level, and supports user-defined key access rights to maximize the security of user devices and application layer access.

Please refer to Safety certification for details

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