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Brief Introduction of Access Protocol

OneNET supports various network environments and multiple protocol access methods, and users need to select a protocol for the device to access the device when create product.

The business model for the specific protocol and the recommended protocols for the applicable scenarios are detailed in the following table:

access protocolApplicable characteristic at device side functions provided by platform-side Typical applicable industries
LwM2Muse NB network;
Requirements are high for the depth and breadth of coverage ;
Very sensitive to cost and power consumption;
The real-time requirement of data transmission is not high;
There are massive connectivity, that requires transmission encryption;
The characteristics of periodic escalation are obvious.
Resources list and data reported by the storage device;
Send data and command to device;
Receive massive and large concurrent data transmission and storage;
Push data to app;
Intelligent meter such as water, electricity, gas and heating
Intelligent manhole cover and other municipal scenes;
Require device to report data to the platform;
Require to receive control instructions in real time;
Have sufficient battery to support device to stay online;
Need to maintain long connection status;
Datapoints reported by storage devices;
Issue and apply real-time, offline custom data or commands;
Issue notification on firmware updating address;
Provide data push to application;
Topic-based Message subscriptions/publicity (MQTT only)
Sharing economy, logistics transportation, intelligent hardware, M2M and many other scenes
HTTPOnly report sensor data to the platform;
Not required downlink control instructions to the device;
Datapoints reported by storage devices;
Provide API interface and realize device management;
Provide data push to application;
Simple data report Scenarios
ModbusThe device type is mainly based on TCP DTU;
DTU hanging device for standard Modbus protocol communication device
Custom Configuration acquisition commands and acquisition cycles;
Datapoints reported by storage devices;
Under the definition Modbus command;
Data push to the app;
Industries that use MODBUS+DTU for data acquisition
TCP transmittanceKeep long connectivity;
Two-way communication;
User-defined communication data format;
Support uploading custom scripts to resolve custom data;
Data points reported by storage devices;
Support for custom command issuance;
Support data push to application;
User-defined data protocols; simple control scenes such as sharing bikes, sharing massage chairs

For protocol details, see the Guideline for Device Development section.

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