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Account & login

Account registration is a prerequisite for you to use the functions and services of OneNET platform. Your account registered in OneNET is applicable to the OneNET system of all services, please fill in your real information and certification;

Click on the "Register" button in the upper right corner of the homepage to register your account;


Fill in the username, user password, valid mobile phone number; click to obtain the verification code, view the SMS Verification code, and complete the registration;


After the registration is completed, automatically return to the home page, and login through the upper right corner of the entrance; the login page is as follows:


Enter your "Developer Center" after logging in, if you are still on the home page after logging in, you need to click on the Developer Center to enter (the product needs to be created by yourself):


Real-name authentication

Account real-name authentication is the symbol of account ownership; it protects account security and legitimate rights and interests of users to the greatest degree. OneNET provides two authentication modes including enterprise authentication and personal authentication; you can choose a way to authenticate according to the actual needs. The two authentication modes mainly have the following differences:

authentication methodapplicable object authentication time
enterprise authenticationis applicable to enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, institutions, social organizations and so on. Authentication should be made on business license, organization code certificate and other related qualifications.Authentication needs to be manually audited, and be submitted within working hours and completed within 24 hours. For authentication submitted during non-working hours, authentication will be completed within the next business day
personal authenticationis suitable for personal development enthusiasts, certified by personal ID cardthe OneNET service product comparison table influenced by real-name authentication is as follows, and choose the authentication mode according to the actual usage situation.
authentication method Total number of products allowed to be created the total number of access devices per product
not real-name authentication 3 10
complete personal authentication 10 1000
complete enterprise authentication temporarily not limit temporarily not limit

Enterprise authentication

Enterprise authentication needs to submit different information according to the enterprise type.

For the general enterprise with business license, it is necessary to submit enterprise name, business license registration number, scanned business license; among which, individual industrial and commercial households, number and name should be fully consistent with the business license .

For unlicensed organs, institutions, social organizations and so on, they need to submit organization name, organization code, scanned copy of organization code certificate.

At the same time, enterprise appling for authentication needs to provide account administrator information, submit account administrator name, ID number, job title, telephone number, ID scanned copy, and scanned copy of attorney.

Personal authentication

Please select according to your product usage. For authentication as a personal account, please provide name, ID number, mobile phone number. If you have passed a personal authentication, you can upgrade again for enterprise authentication.

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