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The Control basic operations

1. Add control • Add the type control to the upper-left corner of the editing area by clicking the component icon in the component library • The left mouse button holds down the component icon in the component library and drags to any position in the editing area to loosen the left mouse button so that new controls can be added at that location. • Copy the controls that already exist in the editing area and paste, can quickly add controls

2. Select control • Click the control in the editing area to toggle the control's selection and uncheck • Click the control layer in the layer navigation bar to toggle the control's selection and uncheck • When hold down the ctrl key, click the editing area control to select multiple controls

3. Edit control Select the control that you want to edit, and the settings for the control (which displays the last selected control in a multi-selection state) will appear in the Settings panel, can customize the style of the control, set up the device, and the datastream according to different requirements.

4. Delete control When the control is selected, can delete the control by pressing the DEL key or by clicking the Delete button in Toolbar

space Position and Size

1. Drag control to change position The mouse-click control makes the control in the selected state. At this time, you can drag the control to change its position in the editing area. By dragging the size control points around the control, you can change the size of the control.

2. Align control When more than one control is selected in the editing area, the Control Alignment button appears in the toolbar. Clicking on them will align the selected control with reference to the red border control accordingly.

3. Distribute control When there are more than two controls selected in the Editing area, the Control Distribution button appears in the toolbar. Clicking on them will distribute the selected controls equally in the appropriate direction.

4. Set the size by toolbar Use the size settings input box in toolbar, can precisely control the size of the selected control. Turn on "Keep aspect ratio" to achieve scaling.

5. Use layer navigation to control the cascading sequence of controls When controls are stacked together, controls that are on the upper layer mask the underlying controls when they are displayed. You can change the upper and lower layer relationships between controls by dragging and dropping layers in layer navigation.

Group and Ungroup

Combining multiple controls for simultaneous operation.

1. Merge the selected controls into groups Click combination button in the toolbar to merge the selected controls into groups

2. In-group editing When a group is selected, double-click it to enter the group and edit the controls inside the group again.

3. Back to parent group Double-click in the blank space of the editing area to exit the current editing group and return to the parent group (if the parent group exists).

4. Ungroup Select a group, click the ungroup button in the toolbar, can dissolve the control from that group.

# Undo and Redo

Undo and Redo currently only support for the following actions • Add and remove controls • Actions that changes the position and size of the control • Combine, dissolve combination, enter group, exit group

Preview, save and publish

  1. Preview Click the Preview button in the toolbar to preview the current editing area in full screen, and the preview only displays the current edit page.
  2. Save and publish Click the Save button in the toolbar to save the app you are currently editing. This will save all pages that are being edited.

Shortcut keys

shortcut key combination function description
ctrl+c Copy can copy control or groups
ctrl+v Paste paste a control or group from the Clipboard into the editing area
ctrl+z Undo back to the previous step
ctrl+y Redo redo the previous operation
del Delete Deletes the selected control or group

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