OneNET IoT Platform Platform Introduction Introduction Manual Guidline for Device Development Guideline for Application Development
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1. Basic control

The basic control can only visualize the datastream value of device, cannot issue commands to device and modify the data stream values.

• Text control

Text control can use fixed text, or also can display content based on datatream. can set the font, font size, thickness of text, italics and underscores in the style option, as well as text's color, background, alignment, line spacing, and so on.

• Line chart

Line chart can select one or more datastreams to display. Can set the display effect, color of the line chart, X-axis, y-axis style, and data point time format.

• Histogram

Reference to line chart

• Picture control

Picture have three modes, the first one is to display the uploaded picture. the second is to display the picture according to the datastream link obtained after setting the data stream. The third is to upload multiple pictures, and give each picture a value; compare the value returned by the data stream with the set value to determine the picture to be displayed

• Link control

There are three types of linked controls, including button link, image link and text link.

• Map

Set up the datastream, and the map will display the location on the map based on the data

• Dashboard

Display datastream values based on the datastream. can set the maximum and minimum values, and the style of the dashboard.

2. The Control

In addition to visualizing the data stream value of a device, the control controls can also issue commands to the device.

• Knob

Depend on data stream to display data stream value, you can set the maximum value, minimum value, step length and others of a knob; you can also set the dial, knob, number and other colors in the style. And in the app, you can send commands to a set data stream by dragging the knob or setting the number in the knob.

• Switch

Display the style of the switch based on whether the data stream is and the set switch value. By clicking on the switch, you can send data corresponding to the switch value to the set data stream.

• Command box Once the datastream is set up, data can be sent to the corresponding datastream. This data can be divided into common string data and hexadecimal data.

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