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EDP Introduction

EDP (Enhanced Device Protocol) is a fully open TCP-based protocol customized by OneNET platform based on IoT features. It can be widely used in home, transportation, logistics, energy and other industrial applications.

Functions and Features

  • Long connectivity protocol
  • Data encryption transmission
  • Terminal datapoint report, and supported datapoint types are:
    • Floating point number (float)
    • Integer (int)
    • String (string)
    • JSON object
    • Binary data
  • Send platform messag (support for offline messages)
  • End-to-end data forwarding

Typical Application Scenarios

EDP protocol is applicable to scenarios where device and platform need to maintain long connection and point-to-point control. Based on TCP protocol, the protocol only transmits data packets to the destination, and does not guarantee that the order of transmission and arrival are the same. The transaction mechanism needs to be implemented in the upper layer; if the client requests twice simultaneously, server will not guarantee the order of returned messages when returns. EDP protocol is applicable to scenarios such as long connection data reporting, data transmitting, data forwarding, data storing, and data active downloading, etc.

Take precise agriculture as an example, the terminal device can upload environmental data such as air temperature and humidity, illuminance, soil temperature and humidity, ph value, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrition values in monitoring areas through EDP protocol, and OneNET can push the data to user's application server. User can use the expert system to analyze these data. By controlling the facilities connected with devices such as LED fill-in light, fans, awnings, drip irrigations , automatic intelligent adjustment and control can be realized, so that the crop growth environment is always at the optimal status to achieve high efficiency and high production.

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