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Message Queue MQ Charging Rule

In order to payback to vast OneNET users, Message Queue MQ launched free activity for new and old users, for details, please see activity details.

Charging Description

Payment Method

Message Queue MQ is post-paid product, after open the service, settle expenses according to service consumption periodically

Cost Composition

OneNET Message Queue MQ cost mainly consist of message processing cost and topic usage charge two parts

Message Processing Charge

After user open the service instance, OneNET will accumulate the daily number of message processing in each service instance, and settle accounts at daily 00:00 according to unit price: RMB 1.2 per million messages, and the cost correct to two decimal places.


Calculation rule of total number of message processing: Total number of message processing=Number of message produced + Number of message consumed

Number measuring method of single message body: singe message body size/ 1KB, rounding up.

Calculation sample 1: produce 1 message, message body size is 1.5KB, and message is consumed once, message number is 2+2=4

Calculation sample 2: produce 1 message, message body is 0.5KB, message is consumed twice, message number is 1+2=3

Example of charging

00:00, September 20th, 2018 - 00:00, September 21st, 2018, in user service instance, proceed 3,514,540 message totally, then cost of the day is 3,514,540/1,000,000*1.20 = RMB 4.21

00:00, September 21st, 2018 -00:00, September 22nd, 2018, in user service instance, proceed 140,987 messages totally, then cost of the day is 140,987/1,000,000*1.20 = RMB 0.16

Explanation for fee charge

The first 20 million message of per service instance are free

Topic usage charge

After user create topic in service instance, OneNET will calculate the daily number of topic of service instance, and settle account daily according to the unit price: RMB 2 per pc and per day

Calculation formula of topic usage charge is:

Someday topic usage charge = (Number of topic at 00:00 the day + Number of topics added in the day)* Unit price (RMB 2 per pc and per day)


Please do not create large number of temporary topic testably, to avoid a lot of unnecessary expense. Please delete topic no longer used, to avoid unnecessary periodic expense

Example of charging

September 20th, 2018, user created 1 topic in service instance, and then starting from 00:00, September 21st, 2018, topic usage charge around RMB 2 will be generated at 00:00 daily.

September 21st, 2018, user service instance already have 1 topic, and create 1 topic the day, then starting from 00:00, September 22nd, 2018, topic usage charge RMB 2 will be generated at 00:00 daily

Billing statement explanation

OneNET Message Queue MQ will export the bill at 00:00 daily, the charge will be deducted from account balance.

Description of arrears

When your account balance is not afford to the bill amount, OneNET will stop your instances in arrears, your service instance will not accept message production, meanwhile client can not proceed message consumption, the message in the queue will be released according to the message expiration time

If the state of arrears exceed 7 days, OneNET will release the service instances in arrears, unprocessed message will be released automatically, released resource and message are unrecoverable.

When service instance is in arrears, before the created topics in your instances in arrears are released, still will generate topic usage charge, when reusing the service, you need to settle the arrears which occurred before the resource is released.

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