Brief Introduction of Video Capacity

Brief Introduction of Video Capacity 

OneNET video access combines the form of platform data stream, and processes the video source as a data stream, data stream corresponding to video source. A device can have multiple data streams (multiple video sources), the data point in the data stream corresponds to the historical video, at the same time, because the platform does not offer the capacity of video cloud storage temporarily, the video data points stored here are actually the index information of the local history video.


Functions as below:

Live video

                                   Video sources of the access devices can be broadcast live

Remote control

                                 Offer remote control for live video (only the control command is issued,                                       need to achieve control callback)

Remote video playback

                                   Can remotely play back the videos locally stored in the device


Service Model

The service model of OneNET video is shown as below:


Video Resource Model


Access Process

The access process is shown as below:


View OneNET Data

View Real-time Video 

If it is a video data stream, "View Real-time Video" is displayed in the background, the video can be viewed when the device is online

Real-time Video Display

View Historical Video

Video data points uploaded by the device are mapped to the local video in the device 

Remote Video Playback